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Seamaster brand products have been known in taiwan & worldwide commercial fishing industry, which is not only for our superior quality of products but also for our enthusiasic & professional customer service. 

As deeply understanding the importance for the quality of fishing gears would influence fishermen's fishing efficiency and their catch harvest, we always pay our maximum attention to strict quality control when our products are in process of production, furthermore, we always enforce quality inspection before we make shipment to secure all our customer to receive the most superior quality of Seamaster products.
Therefore, our Seamaster brand products have earned not only a very good reputation for us in the commercial fishing industry but also satisfy the worldwide fishermen's requirements on high quality fishing gears with competitive prices.

In Taiwan Seamaster is a professional manufacturer of nylon mono long line for long-line fishing. Besides, we are also a leading supplier for all various kinds of  longline fishing equipments & accessories and various fishing nets, twines, ropes, cordages and marine-related products, and etc. 

Are you searching for the most reliable supplier and cost-efficient fishing gears for longline fishing & commercial fishing? Trust Seamaster can help you and all staff at Seamaster would be so friendly & acknowledgeable to provide the best service to find whatever you need. 

You can understand our product range from our web. If there is anything un-clear or for more details please feel free to contact us. Of course our Seamaster catalogue is also available upon your request for your purchasing reference.

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