2.2 KGS.






 AC 110V ~220V



 Seamaster Protector is an acoustic pinger devise, saving fishermen down time and increased catch rates, all  by avoiding any unnecessary contacts with dolphins.

 Seamaster fish protector is a cost effective device with ease of deployment & functions for a range of fisheries    such  as gill nets, fish trawl & purse Seines.

 The Seamaster pinger device has been developed by Sea Master & the effects on bottlenose dolphins is well  known, namely total avoidance in the area where it has been deployed after only 60 seconds.

 The Seamaster has no harm for the animal but avoids any interaction between the fishermen, their nets, and their  catch. After only a few minutes of retreating the device the animals come back into the area as if nothing had  happened. Can only be a win win situation.